Emerald green beetle

My bachelor's degree experimental comics project, depicting the story of “Emerald green beetle”
by Anna Kilianova, is a painful story of a handicapped boy and his platonic love,
a girl from next door. The whole story is recorded and and played in the installation.
Each drawing is tattooed into the pig skin, preserved in laboratory bottles.
All 15 bottles show the main story line. They stand on a shelf supported by bars,
showing a metaphor of help for the handicapped boy. Later in the story a beetle appears
 to replace bars. Suddenly he gets a power to live. He meets his beloved girl and helps her.
However, it doesn’t have a happy ending. This story, narrated by the comic form, has an open end. Everyone can create it by itself.

Author : Andrea Lala
Story : Anna Kiliánová
Voice : Marek
Lights : Tomáš Wodecký