When Anna Kiliánová signed my book “Woman from a Cigarette Paper” at a public reading in 2014, I felt
that it won't be the last time we've been in touch.
After redesigning and illustrating this book, which I did as a semester project in my bachelor's degree, I approached Anička with the fact that I would like to use her texts as a reference for my bachelor thesis.
Her distinctive, almost "creepy" expression perfectly suited my idea of ​​installation.
This is how the audiovisual work "Emerald Green Beetle" was created, the story of which I love to this day.
Year after year, we exchanged a few e-mails and one morning a message about a new book that Anička plans to publish shone in my inbox.

Under the wings of @kkbagala, the “Near Future” came to light last week - a book of short stories full of absurd situations that will once conjure a smile on your face and another time you get chills.
Graphic design: Kristína Uhráková